Book discussion to address my needs

Hello Bubble forum,

I would like to pay for one hour session with some experienced Bubble freelancer to discuss the potential of my idea. I want to know the price you would charge for building, time to build and some other more specific questions to sustainability using this ecosystem.

I have not got my hands to the editor yet but read some things already about Bubble that is making me feel unsure if this is the right solution.

Please contact me via private messaging.
Best, Hamza

Hi @hamzamuhm,

While we don’t offer freelance development, I’d be happy to chat with you about your app and it’s viability on bubble. Feel free to book a session with me at


Hello Tal

Could you share some of your work, I can’t see anything from your website. Not to say you are not creditable but I am looking for an expert who has built many kinds of apps and understand Bubble for sass application and scaling.

You seem to provide only some tips and tricks for using bubble. This is not what I am looking for.

Best, Hamza

I have found somone for this & now closed, thank you to all who private messaged me.

I will not be using Bubble for my project unfortunately for it’s performance reasons. I read that Bubble is as good as competition tradition code apps but this is not the case, thank marketing team for lying to me… It is like a toy for prototyping only. My app needs the best stack not something so flimsy. God willing to everyone building here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: