Booking after messaging host

Hi guys, been really hitting a project I wanted to work on hard over the last couple of weeks and have a really cool site coming along nicely, but I need some big time help with something.

We have a ‘Add Listing’ feature where users can post an event, this is a Football Match.
It will include details such as Team Name, Ability, Location and various other elements.

A different user can browse (or filter) these listing in a repeating group format and from that can then choose to ‘Contact’ the original listing post’er. They can then have a chat about things to do with the match before committing to it, once they are both satisfied and want to book it, in the chat window (above the send message button) I want a “Book It” button, this will then utilise the listings unique ID and bring them to a confirmation page, where they can review the details and then click book it. But this will then prompt the other user to confirm the booking, which again will display all the listings detail and have a “Confirm Booking” page. This action will then change the “isBooked” state from No to Yes, load a confirmation page where the user will also have the option to Cancel the booking, but it will also remove the listing from the live screen of bookings, but show the booking in the logged in users list of active / BOOKED / past listings.

I am guessing I need to pass the Listing Unique ID through at each stage, but I have really stumped myself on this one and could do with any help.