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Booking app but without slots!

Hello Everyone,

I want to create a booking app, that allows people to book hours during a day in a room.

This app is more difficult than Airbnb or Zocdoc where a customer create « an unavailable slot » when they book (so per default, every slots are availables)

In my case it is totally different : a room by default is unavailable. And a manager can create free hours in the schedule of the room. Then a customer can book the entire slot of free hours or just a part of the free hours

There a simple exemple for more details :

I have tried many type of structure of database, without succes. For exemple, i tried to split in my table « booking » into Several rows where a customer books only a few hours. Exemple :

Finally, it was too difficult to make in Bubble. I think it is not the best idea. Who already struggles with something close to my issue or have a brillant idea to help me please ?

Thank you for your precious help <3

There are a few ways of doing this.

First, to simplify, you need some type of Availability data. If you have a calendar where nothing is available, your Availability would be empty. Something (the manager) would build the availability (create the slots) and then someone can then take those slots.

Here is a layout of my Availability table;

There is an entry every day, That’s where the Date field comes into play, then I have an overall number that can be booked that date, and then I have a list of time’s (we ignore the date on the time slots).
When a client selects a time slot and goes through the reservation process, it subtracts 1 from the Number of available, and it removes that time from the Time Slots so that nobody else can take that time.

I’m sure this method could be used if tweaked a little bit, instead of Time Slots being 1 time it could be a time range that can be reserved.

The second method, I know that @jared.gibb has an amazing Calendar / Scheduler that I’m pretty sure would work for exactly what your looking for. My entire database was finished and Calendar was all done by the time I saw his Calendar, but if I saw it first I would have went that route.

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Hi Bcart0V

Thousand of thanks for your answer. I will analyze the two propositions you made
Thank you again !