Booking function

We would like to implement a booking function.
Can you recommend a portfolio or tips that would be helpful?

I need to implement a reservation function for a coworking space.
I want to reflect the reservation status of each room, which can be reserved by the hour.

Thank you very much for your time.


@jared.gibb has a great calendar plugin with pretty interesting functionality for your use case.

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Hey there @shunking1023,

You might also want to check out this template and plugin by @gf_wolfer

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Thank you all!

I’ll try!
Thank you so much for your kindness!
@cmarchan @johnny

Thanks @johnny! @shunking1023 if you have any questions about the TopCal plugin or template linked above you can DM me on here

There are some good option linked above as well.

If you lookup ‘time slots’ in the forum as well there are some other strategies that some users have used as well for bookings. If you do not need to worry about users in different time zones and if the space is ‘default available’ until booked then you may be able to get away without using a Plugin or javascript

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