Booking platform

Hi guys,

I’m building a booking platform where I’ll have multiple companies who will take bookings for their units. I’d like to have a single login page for the companies so they can administer their products but I can’t work out how they could send a link out to their own clients so when items are ordered they are tagged to that company.

So, customer contacts business, business sends a link to take a booking, booking is tagged to that business where they can view details through their login. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance as always

Hi @jkpuck - have you looked at having the business send their clients the business’s “link”. When the client clicks on the link, it’ll go to a destination page with that business’s info.
Referring to image below, when client “” gets the email, there will be a link in the email. That link will bring the client to “linkpage” in the app. That page will show “Current Page User” data which is the data of the business user who sent the email to the client. Hope that makes sense and helps you out.

Thank you for taking the time to reply Nikolai! I can do that, I’d have to make the user clicking the email login and then assign the company to their account, is that right? That way when they log in they’ll only have access to that one companies offerings right?

Would you suggest using a parameter tag in the URL so I can capture that data?

Hi @jkpuck - I put together a quick mockup. The user doesn’t need an account - they’ll automatically be brought to the correct business page. Unless there’s some other need you might have, I don’t think you need to add any tags in the URL.

In this link, you’ll see a box on the right side. Pick a Business via the dropdown. Add your email address in the input which says “Email to CC”. Then click the “Send email…” button. You’ll get an email with a link that’ll bring you to the Business page

This link is for the editor page where you pick the Business and click send.

This link is the editor page for the Business page (called linktest)

Thank you Nikolai, I’ll have a play with that tonight. Lots to think about but thanks again for the mock-up!