Booking system for classes with limited number of spots

Hi All,

I am working on a mobile single page app for a gym that basically shows all the available classes by day. However, these classes have limited spots (example: a class can only fit 14 people, so after 14 people have booked that class it should no longer let anyone book). Also, a user should not be able to book a class twice. I want the booked classes to appear on the user’s profile. Does anyone know how I would go about this type of booking system. All I see online are one time booking systems or appointments but these are different people booking the same class. Please help.

dataset class with the signups (List of users). This record informs you whether the class is full and then on user profile, show all classes where signups contain current user.

What you can do is that you add a field in the datatype called maximum entries which will be a number type of field, as I assume that the limited spots is dynamic.
I’m also assuming you added a field of type user in the gym classes data type.
Then you can put up a condition in the workflow that says only when participants: count < maximum entries.
Participants in this case is the user field on the gym classes data type.
You can also make the button to not be clickable using this same condition, but do it first on the workflow.

And for a user to not be able to book a class twice, you can still include it as a condition in the workflow.
It’ll go like- When current page gym class participant doesn’t contain current user.
Then the workflow can proceed.

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