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Booking System - organizing meeting between user


I might be missing something and I think I don’t exactly understand how list of things are working.
I am willing to create a booking / meeting system in my app.

Every logged users have the possibilities to create ads.
An ads contains different fields.

What I am struggling to do is :
In an ad, the user that created the ad can set different dates and hours to have meetings with other users.
Saying for example he can set 3 different dates/times.

I created a field which is called “meetings”. And checked the “this is a list” checkbox.
As I want different date/time.
I don’t understand how then in the workflow I will save the different date/time in the database. i don’t understand how it work…

Then i Want to display on the ad page (when other user are visiting) a calendar where they would be able to see date/time avalaible for meeting. And make them able to request for a meeting at this time.

I am sure the first part is very simple but I am missing something.
the second might be more complex but I am not here yet…

thanks for your help !