BookingSync API Authorization

Hi there folks,

Brand new Bubbler here!

I am trying to create a plugin that will enable connection with channel manager.

Bookingsync’s API reference can be found here:

They recommend using Oauth2 User-Agent flow.

I have created my app on the bookingsync website, and got my app ID and Secret.

In Bubble plugin editor, i managed to get through everything except retrieving the user id and email.

According to bookingsync documentation, the user information is stored in /accounts with the key tag “id”.

When I try to authenticate in bubble, I get the following error:

There was an issue testing the authentication flow, please check your settings.
The user profile endpoint did not return an ID for the user.
Please check the endpoint’s documentation and the User ID key path (beware the identation).

Raw response:
“accounts”: [
“business_name”: “Gîtes de La Hoguette”,
“created_at”: “2016-02-20T16:18:53Z”,
“id”: 6501,
“updated_at”: “2019-04-09T07:27:24Z”,
“status”: “paying”,
“preferences”: {
“bookings”: {
“default_arrival_time”: 16,
“default_departure_time”: 10,
“default_communication_locale”: “en”

As you can see, the raw response includes an id field, yet it is not being found.

Does anyone have any tips to resolve this?

Hi @lgrigaud, welcome to Bubble! Hopefully one of us will be able to help you. Would you mind taking a screenshot of your plugin settings (make sure to blur out the secret) and posting here?

Hi @Kfawcett, thanks for reading my thread!

Here’s a screenshot of my API settings in Bubble:


The screenshot is not showing – it’s only text. Could you re-add it?


Hi @lgrigaud how are you ?
Do you find a solution ?
I try to connect my app in bookingsync too, but i can’t get the token acces, an you help me please ?
Thanks !