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Boolean format as number with dynamic expressions...please?

Reviving this dead thread.


Was just about to create a new post for this… It would be a small but very useful feature!!
@emmanuel @neerja @eve.kozina

Adding myself to the requestor list here. I don’t understand why dynamic expression is available for :formatted as text but not for :formatted as number … it would simplify workflow event/action creation so much in so many cases. Otherwise, something that should be a straightforward expression like “IF this value is not empty THEN use this value ELSE use some other value” instead requires creating extraneous logic branches just to handle null/empty conditions.

Is there a reason not to offer this functionality? It just seems like an oversight, which is what makes it maddening. If there is some technical barrier or if it’s more complex than you have time to implement right now, then just say so—then at least I could build my hacky workarounds with less stress :slight_smile:


cc: @eve

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My workaround is that I use 0 and 1 and then multiply the result with the dynamic expression

I could find a few forum threads about this, but nothing on the Ideaboard, so I’ve added it there now if you want to upvote it!