Boolean Formatting, Format As Number doesn't allow for dynamic values

Why does Boolean Formatting, Format As Number not allow for dynamic values?



This would be useful indeed @emmanuel

I have an index that wraps around a :count of elements so if index is 1 next number should be :count if not it should be index - 1

Not having this feature adds some additional steps to the workflow to control states.

The way around I found is by adding (+) numbers.

So example: count of elements is 1 yes - 1, no - 0; + count of elements is 2 yes - 2, no - 0; + count of elements is 3 yes - 3, no - 0;

Long but kinda does the job…

Thanks. Maybe I’m missing something or my requirement is not clear but I believe your approach wouldn’t work for me.

Anyway I already have a workaround in place but it means to add two additional workflow steps that could be avoided if the formatted as number had dynamic expressions as the Boolean formatted as text.

You can do very nice things with the dynamic expression in texts because you can nest them.

Nesting dynamic expressions with numbers would be great also.

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@emmanuel related to this.

Is there a way to convert a text to number in the expression editor? Similar to parseInt function.

I’m trying to workaround the absence of expression editor in formatting as number by using formatting as text but I always end at a no exit corridor when trying to convert the string to an integer.


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