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Boolean Logic in Filter

I’m trying to display a list of possible meeting times. I do not want the meeting start times to show up if they are outside hours of work. The problem is that I can’t seem to use and and or statements in ways you would normally be able to with boolean logic. I would like to say ((hour>Start work hour) | | ((hour == start work hour)&&(minute> Start work minute)))

I can’t seem to figure out how to use parentheses or order the logic in the correct way. Does anyone know how to use parentheses or know a workaround?


You cannot use parentheses actually in bubble for both condition or calc. So you may need to split into different conditions to get what you need.
but in your case, what I understand is that you have let’s say open hours from 9 to 17. You don’t want to show anything before or after that. You could just use Current element start hour >= Open hours AND Current element end hour is <= Open business close hour and it will show only element that fit this conditionnal

I wish I was allowed to use parentheses, but that seems like it would work. Thanks!

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