Bot to Crawl Job Board and Send Email

I wish to create an app/bot for my own company’s use that crawls job boards (like Indeed) to extract the job poster’s contact information and job post title/details in order to send a prospecting email invitation to use our services instead.

For instance, if 'ACME Hospital posts a job need for an ‘ICU Nurse’ in Houston, TX on Indeed, our app will detect that and send an email:

Dear {ACME Hospital},

You should post this {ICU Nurse} listing on www.rocketlocums.comj. We’re a job site for healthcare workers in {Houston}.


Rocket Locums

The {fields} represent extracted data from the posting on crawled job boards.

How might I do this with

You’ll need to use something like google’s crawler, puppeteer, or if you prefer python selenium.

They are both difficult to code.