Bot traffic becoming a serious problem

Is there any way to block a country from visiting my website? Or individual IPs? I’m having a ridiculously high influx from a certain place which I suspect it’s mostly bots and it’s ruining my analytics.
Also, if anyone has suggestions for stopping/preventing spam bots from creating users it would be appreciated.

Here’s what I tried so far:

  1. Demand email account to be verified
  2. Set a sign up question that mostly humans would understand. That reduced suspicious traffic a lot but still seems to not be enough.
  3. Don’t want Captchas because they scare costumers away
  4. Read about the Honeypot method, but I’ve no idea how to implement it in Bubble

Weird, I haven’t had any issues like that. Is there anything in your analytics that provide a hint of clue to where the traffic is coming from?

Also, curious why you are opposed to Captcha. The newer implementations are almost expected now. I’ve built and released plenty of software products for enterprise, federal, and startups at my dayjob, we’ve never had any issues with Captcha.

Yes, it’s from South Africa. My website targets english speaking countries, but traffic from South Africa is x5 the average.
Regarding Captcha I may be biased, but in previous developments I tested prospects didn’t like it. If there’s no other option I will implement it, however.

Recently, a site I’ve been building had about 100 “bot users”. We added Captcha using the plugin and haven’t had the problem since. It’s just the click of a button to verify you’re a human. Give it a go.

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Thanks dbevan. I understand what you mean, and I’m heading that way it seems. I’ll try it and see what happens.

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