Botão com opacidade de cor condicionada

Preciso que um botão mude a opacidade quando clicado. Mas a cor é buscada de uma opção dinâmica.
Como posso fazer isso?

Agradeço quem conseguir ajudar.

You can try use the correspondent alpha applied to the color code.

See here

Yes, I managed to do it that way. Thank you.
So my question became another one.

I was able also a Hovered condition, with full color again. But I couldn’t activate a Pressed condition also with full color.

By “Pressed” do you mean the act of pressing the button or do you mean changing the color of the button and keeping it changed when it is pressed?

The first option is obtained through the element’s own conditional options.

The second option, you will need to create a custom state, the type will depend on your use case, but just to understand the logic, it could be yes/no.

That way, when you click (or press) the button, you run a WF that changes the state value to “yes”. And in the button conditionals you say that “when the ‘state X’ of the button is yes”… make your desired changes.

I mean keep it changed.
This button remains “pressed” as long as you want to keep certain data in the bank. But it can be unchecked whenever you want.

Yes, I created a yes/no state, but it didn’t work. I’m thinking it’s a bug. Because a bug happened while I created the other conditions.

So I’ll keep trying

Thank you.

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