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BOX Plugin Instructions

@levon Whats the difference between your Storage plugin and official Box plugin?
I am trying to store image files uploaded directly to Box account and skip Bubble’s storage altogether.

Hi @kylewknoll, I am facing the same issue. Were you able to solve this? After successfully integrating with BOX, I am setting the file size limit = 2000 MB but still getting an error on everything > 50 MB …

Hi, @myflappd!

Thanks for reaching out!

We have two plugins for which lots of calls and actions which make this plugin usage more diversity.

First is - App Storage (Service) This plugin allows you to integrate Box storage in your Bubble app. Box is a Simple, Secure File Sharing and Collaboration From Anywhere. This is the service version that simply connects your app to your own Box account (Without the Oauth for users) .
Here are its Calls and Actions.

Please try it out and check its opportunities on the Live Demo: . Here is a documentation page to familiarise with its setup:

The second one is- Storage User (Oauth) . This plugin allows you to integrate Box storage in your Bubble app. Box is a Simple, Secure File Sharing and Collaboration From Anywhere. This is the version that allows your users authenticate under their own box accounts and manage their Box from your app. You can create folders, upload files & much more.
It also has a lot of useful calls and actions:

Here is a Live Demo: and the docs page as well:

Hope this was useful!
Zeroqode Team!

Hi, @claretimus!

Could you please share the error screenshots and plugin element settings screenshots to help you better and to figure this out?

Zeroqode Team.

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

I have integrated BOX without your plugin, since it’s officially supported by Bubble I decided to try implementing it by myself - as I just need to upload, get url, and read urls… problem is that even with the FileUploader set to 2000 MB, the Box integration has a limitation of 50MB no matter what.

Is your plugin able to fix this? I don’t want users to authenticate and use their Box accounts; I want by app storage to use my Box account and to be able to upload files > 50MB.

I’ve posted a imilar question in your forum today :slight_smile:


Hi, @claretimus!

Let us check this out and we’ll get back to you asap!

Zeroqode Team

Can yall please indicate that the public key pair will have to be removed from the Box application in the Dev Console if they decided to delete the Box Custom app? if not, they will be unable to continue to use the bubble integration with Box.

Really great walkthrough of the plugin @jarrad, thanks a lot!

A question; is it possible to delete files uploaded to Box using a workflow action?
I tried using the “delete uploaded file”, but nothing happened in Box and the file in question was still there.
Upload with image uploader works perfectly, but it would be great if they could be deleted as well.

Hi, guys!
Thanks for reaching out!

@solizcynthia, relatively to our plugin Storage User (Oauth) and App Storage (Service) - yes, you need to clear the Keys in the plugin settings if the Application in the Dev Console was removed.

@anders.eidergard you may take a look at our plugins, which both have an action- delete a file

Hope this helps!
Zeroqode Team!

Hey everyone, I think I’ve finally integrated box to my bubble app.

I still have to make work with my picture uploader. When I choose box as my storage service it ask me for a folder path. (see image)

Can anyone shed some lights on what to fill there?

Thank you!




Hi, @claretimus!

We have explored this case and it turned out that it is not related to the plugin itself but to things like an internet connection, bubble plan, browser and bubble version. Here a thread that might be helpful: [New Feature] [Beta] Large file uploads.

Zeroqode Team

Anyone know of a way to upload files to box using a backend workflow? I’ve tried the zeroqode plugin and it’s great for uploading, but is limited in the sense that you can’t really perform actions against the files once they’re uploaded to box. No shared link is generated (or at least they don’t have an action to generate one) which means that you can only view files through an embed url, but if you want to be able to download files you need to generate a share link.

Thanks for a great plugin.
Question: is there currently any work/updates being done to this plugin? Specifically, an ability to delete an uploaded file from Box?


Hey, @nur.ibrayev !

Thank you for your query.

First of all let me clarify, that we have 2 Box plugins: Service and Oauth. As you haven’t specify, which one you are referring to, let’s discuss both.

At the moment, there are no works/updates going on for both of them.

Talking about the action delete an uploaded file kindly specify, what exactly do you mean here? Cause Delete a File action is present in both plugins: App Storage (Service): Storage User (Oauth):

Best regards.

Hey, were you able to solve this?

Yes. Just don’t use box. There are better options with less limitations, more functionalities and easier to use (plus cheaper). Check the Wasabi plugin for instance.

any free wasabi plugins? I think that’s why people want to choose to use box…

Hi everyone!
I can’t generate the public key. The two-factor authentication don’t function. Return a invalid code when i try generate the public key.

Hi @alex.oliveira, thanks for reaching out.

In this case, as it regretfully doesn’t relate to the plugin functionality, allow us to recommend contacting the Box support team through, sharing all details about the authentication steps that you pass through.

Of course, if there will be any other questions about our plugin, please let us know, and we will be glad to help you :pray:

Zeroqode Support Team