Box plugin wont preview images of the same name already stored

If i upload an image: ‘test.png’ it stores with my box account fine and will preview when its being called. If then upload another image with the same name ‘test.png’ it will upload but wont preview.

If i change the name to test2.png with that same image it will preview…

Maybe this isnt a bug & im missing something but that behaviour doesnt seem normal to me.

Probably because the thumbnail is retrieved by a GET operation and the results of the API call are cached. But we can’t be sure as we can’t see Bubble’s plugin code. Here’s the thing: Posting this message here isn’t the same as filing an actual bug report. Go here and describe the problematic behavior to the folks at Bubble:

(In short: Probably not really a “bug” so much as this plugin just behaving in the same way that Bubble API calls behave by default. If one makes the same exact get call to an external API in quick succession, one will not get a different returned result as Bubble caches the original response in the interest of performance optimization. When you configure your own calls, you can do lil’ tricks to make every call unique – such as pass a a header parameter that is always unique [e.g., current date/time].)

ok thanks

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