Brain Fart... How do I do this?

Ok… So I have a booking module.
As the client adds the slots to his shopping cart I add the “Timeslot” to a list of timeslots.
When the user “Checks Out”, I want to add his Client ID to each time slot.

How do I traverse a subset of a List of Things and change data on each of them?

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 5.55.52 AM

Your list of things to change will be the timeslots that the user has in their cart.

So, to clarify… I can do a search for “TimeSlots” also in Group Shopping Cart… but how do I change the TimeSlot->Client on each of those?

Or maybe the question is better asked… Where do I do this?

I am trying to do this as an action after pressing the Checkout Button. It would be awesome to pop off each TimeSlot and change the individual Thing.

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