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Braintree transaction processing speed


I am using Braintree as a payment provider. Everything works fine, but the time from submitting a Credit card until the transaction gets approved (by a pretty random pop-up) takes ages. In average around 9 seconds, which is huge when a user waits on a website and nothing happens.

Is there any way to speed up the process? Am I doing something wrong?

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Can you give a link to test with a dummy credit card info?

The Link:

Dummy credit card info: 4111 1111 1111 1111 08/20 123

Click on 1 Meal and sign-up with random credentials.

I already integrated a screen to keep people waiting because it takes so long…

I just walked through it myself, and while it wasn’t instantaneous, it happened pretty quick. I would say it was within my threshold of tolerance, it didn’t appear to take an excessive amount of time.

One of the weird things about this type of interaction is that humans have different levels of tolerance for different actions. If it took that long to load a page, for example, I’d be upset. Since it’s processing a payment, I actually didn’t have any issue with it. But, it certainly took less than 9 seconds for me. Maybe 9 seconds is too much :slight_smile:

I agree with @potentialthings it is probably very subjective. And the timing seems to change over time. I just know that when I ask my customers what annoyed them about the website more than half point at the payment process. Unfortunately something I can not influence. The integration of the spinner already helped a bit, because people “see” that something is happening.

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I really like your approach, from a product development standpoint. Try the quickest, easiest thing to do first, then if that doesn’t work, move on to something else. It’s much harder to change anything on the backend than it is to change part of the experience, so that’s a really cheap test to perform to see if it helps the users. From what you’re saying, it appears to be helping a bit, so kudos!

Unfortunately it’s a bit tricky to speed up as there are some back and forth between the server and the client for security reasons. We’ll look into it but can’t guarantee it can get much faster.

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