Branching Logic thoughts/best practice

Hey Folks,

I’m looking for some help on how to accomplish some branching logic.

I have a multi-select picklist that asks users what type of products they’re interested in.

Users can select: Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, or Handbags. When they click next they are taking to a following page where there are 4 hidden groups corresponding to the products available. Each group asks more questions about what they’re looking for. (Example: the clothing group will ask if this is for Men/Women, or Winter/Spring)

I want to have the User click next after answering all relevant questions for that specific group then either show the next group and hide the existing group if more products were selected, If not go to the next page.

For example say the user said they’re interested in Clothing & Handbags the flow would be like the below:

  1. Clothing
    1a. Click Next
  2. Goes to: Handbag
    2a. Click Next
  3. Goes to Next page