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Hello, I’m building a marketplace, like Zappos, that brings together a variety of brands. I have a issue.

Zappos has a brand listing tab. You can go to each brand page from there, but how do you make that happen? I have already created each brand page and brand list page. My issue is how to connect those two pages. Currently, when you click on a brand in the brand list, you go to the brand page of the currently logged in user. When you’re not logged in, you go to the blank page. It seems to not me possible.

Hey @shota, welcome to Bubble!

What you need to do is create two dynamic pages (one to list the brands, one to display the brand on which the user clicked). You’ll need to go through the following steps:

  1. Create a data type Brand with a field Name (of type text). You can add all your brands in App Data by creating new entries.
  2. Set the Brand Page´s type of content to Brand. On your Brand List Page, you’ll need to display the list of brands in a repeating group (RG). Just set it to type of content = Brands and data source = Search for Brands
  3. Build a workflow so that when a cell in the RG is clicked, it navigates to the Brand Page. Set the data to send to Current cell’s Brand.

Hope that helps

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