Breadcrumb menu design



Is this breadcrumb menu possible? If yes, how?

Thanks in advance :grinning: :computer:

I made some like that using this plugin

Yeah definitely possible with our new Smaal Tags & Tabs plugin! Thanks @yorgio1024!

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Great, thanks, @yorgio1024 and @joe5.
I will definetely use them in another project.

The thing is that I only want 4 or 5 text elements placed side by side with the option to scroll horizontaly when the screen is too small.

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Horizontal scrolling is available if too small and you have full tag color (or no color) options! Full control :slight_smile:

Great, but that´s not the use case for this project.


I need a breadcrumb like this, and manually insert the options (text elements).

Ah yeah - if you need to manually insert the text options for each page (not dynamically) then that won’t work.

You can build that exact notion-style breadcrumb with our plugin, but the text would need to be produced dynamically from a list of pages. :+1:

Yeah, I will use your plugin in the future.

Is your UI Kit still in your plans?

it’s on the backburner for the time being until we can finish some other client work unfortunately!

That, and the new bubble responsive editor may be unveiled this year and having to rebuild it entirely to keep up could become cumbersome and a time-stealer.

Ohh, sure, I understand. I hope everything goes well.

I look forward to the new editor :grinning: :computer:

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