Breaking change - Invisible text elements now collapse

Hi everyone,

We’re rolling out a new breaking change regarding the text element. Historically, a text element made invisible has maintained its height, meaning that everything beneath it remains in place. Going forward, checking the box “Shrink the element height if the text gets shorter” in the property editor will cause it will work the way a collapsable group does–its height will go to zero when it becomes invisible. This seems to us to be a more logical default behavior.

As with all breaking changes, this new functionality is opt-in, available in Bubble v4. Newly created apps will implement this behavior as the default, but existing apps will have the option to upgrade.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Has the feature been removed? Can’t find it anywhere in the Properties Editor after upgrading my app

Nope, feature is live now. I created and hid the forum post in advance so as to hardcode the link–sorry for the confusion!


Thanks, that makes it much easier.

What do you mean by “the option to upgrade”? If I upgrade, do all my hidden texts get the default value or does upgrading mean I have to manually activate the collapse function per text field?

The “Shrink the element height if the text gets shorter” box must be checked on each text item to get the new behavior.


Gotcha, no worries.

The small changes make a difference, thanks for this!

I haven’t upgraded my app but I am seeing this?

Thanks for this great new addition!

I’m a bit confused about the implications of upgrading.

So by naming this a “breaking change”, I understand that doing the upgrade may break my app. Is this correct in this case?


I also read that if I upgrade my app, each text box will have this new "Shrink the element height if the text gets shorter” box unchecked, so each text box will not change its behaviour. Hence my app will not break.

Which of these situations is correct?

And if my app may break, how will that manifest?

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@antony, my reading of this is that if you already had the checkbox ticked for a text element that was invisible then it will behave differently to how it used to, hence the warning.

This is great thanks a lot! Is there any plan to expand this to other elements? Such as Groups or Images?

Groups already have that option. (Collapse this element’s height when hidden, optionally with animation.)

The change to texts is handy as it was (very) common to have to take texts and wrap them in a group for the sole purpose if achieving this previously. It’s just kind of a quality-of-life / speed of development enhancement.


Will the existing and new texts be defaulted with this once we upgrade? Because I have a rather large application I’m working on, and it has a lot of hidden text that can’t have their height collapsed. Just want to make sure I know what I’m in for before upgrading.

All texts new and existing, will be affected by the change, but only if the “Shrink the element height if the text gets shorter” checkbox is selected.

As @keith said, groups already have this option. No plan to roll this out to images, but if people are interested in this feature, we might reconsider.

So happy to have this! Not sure about other folks, but for me, there are many other elements I find myself having to put in a group just to be able to collapse them when they’re hidden - repeating groups, buttons, etc. Would love to have this option on all (or at least many other) types of elements.


Same here. Having this option on more element types will be useful to me too.


Yes, thank you, but will the checkbox be automatically selected upon upgrade for all existing text elements?

No, the checkbox will not be automatically selected.