Briefly showing data before page is closed

Certain pages of my app should only be visible to certain types of users (e.g. admins). I therefore created a rule that when this page is loaded, the user is redirected to another page when he does not match the admin’s credentials.
However, before the user is redirected sometimes the page loads very briefly regardless (before the rule ‘kicks in’). Is there a way around this? It looks a bit clumsy, and this way sensitive might still be shown (though very briefly).
Many thanks!

Hi there, @IljaIljitsj… this topic comes up from time to time, and the short answer is there really isn’t a truly “elegant” way to handle it. Check out posts like this one and this one to get some guidance, and make sure you are locking down sensitive data with privacy rules.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! The privacy rules are indeed important, and part of why sensitive data were showing briefly. As long as these sensitive data don’t show, I don’t mind the elegance of it all that much. Perhaps Bubble could think of a way to make this process more smooth in the future, since I guess that it’s an issue that is relevant to many users

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