Brightyard - Early access opening soon

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I’m excited to announce that Brightyard is almost ready to enter its beta phase and I’m looking for individuals/teams who would like to get early access and test it out.

Those who use Microsoft/Outlook for email will be given first priority. The gmail integration is still in development.

Check out the landing page here to sign up for early access.

What is Brightyard you say?

It’s a place for managing your day-to-day work and collaboration. Teams and individuals can organize, manage, and share their work more effectively, leading to a more productive workday and increased collaboration.

It combines email management, task management, and customer management into one platform and allows you to easily create relationships between them – giving you a 360-degree view into your work and customers.

I hope you find it useful and look forward to your feedback.



I took a look and saw a typo. Should either read “easily access all emails…” or “easy access of all emails…”

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Yes, 42 :wink:

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Either wise looks great and idea is sound. Looking forward to checking it out.

Thanks @boston85719! I’ll push a fix a little later this evening. :slight_smile:

Looks great, Keith, congrats!

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Good stuff, Keith, nice work.

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Looks nice! Is it completely built on bubble?

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Thanks @levon @retronwebservices and @jaos.pcl!

Yes, it’s completely built on Bubble, although I setup two Bubble apps – one for the landing/marketing site and another for the app.

Allright. Don’t know if this question is stupid but how are you limiting your users storage capacity?

Great question @jaos.pcl. Allowed storage, and whether a user is able to upload more files, is based on the User’s total file size being less than the allowed amount of storage (e.g. 500 MB) for a user/plan. Every time a file is uploaded we run a calculation to see if the size of the file + files already uploaded is less than the allowed amount for the plan. To get the size of files uploaded we perform a search for all files related to that user and calculate the size.

Thanks for your answer. That’s really good work, wouldn’t have thought of this myself and didn’t know this was possible with bubble.

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You’re welcome. Bubble is quite flexible and able to accomplish most use cases. Sometimes it just takes a little time to figure out how to configure them.

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Not centered…

This looks really sleek! Watch out for the width of your logo/name in responsive behavior, Brightyard gets split into “Brighty” and “ard” when you condense the page. Same for your “$5” and “$10” groups.

  • Alina

Thanks @alina.stroie! I think I have corrected the issues. Let me know if you still see them.

Looks good!

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Nice work on the site, Keith, good luck!

Awesome! Today I was talking about this lack of Gmail, and why in the world they are crazy (or arrogant / to rich? see closing of Google+…my god…) to remove the Google Contacts away from Gmail, so any user has to switch to another “google-product” to retrieve his contacts. I think you really do what Google cant do with your app, to have a suite to manage all the necessary things in one place. People like Paul Buchheit who created Gmail are missing since years there, so a very good chance - I think I will come back to you later to be a customer!

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What do you mean by