Broken group layout in live but not in preview

Hello, I’m trying to bend and hack my way around what’s possible in bubble.
If any one could shed some light on whether they think this would be possible I would greatly appreciate it!

So here is my design I have built and it works! But only in preview with debug mode enabled. As soon as its live its breaks catastrophically sending the elements flying all over the place.

Each circle is an image in a floating group, I then use the move it plugin to move it vertically so many pixels and rotate each group 40px on to each corresponding position.

But when not in debug mode something is happening where each circle is sent to what seems to be a totally random position.

This is just a proof of concept and I have built it like this so that the circles can then move onto different positions based on data from the back end. Its essentially a bit of data visualization.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Did not look inside your editor. Based on your comment your live data may not be what your dev data is. Bubble enables two separate databases for dev and live versions. Btw … you do not need to go live to preview your app. Just preview it with the dev version.

Hey, thanks for your reply. It’s not actually using any data from the DB at the moment, that would be the next step. My issue it that rotating a group is behaving differently in the debug mode to the non debug mode.

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