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Hello everyone,

I’m creating a job board. I’m just wondering how to put/show similar gigs or gigs with similar skills in the repeating group in current page user?

Thank you in advance! :tada::tada::tada:

Can you clarify that you mean to show the similar gigs in a repeating group in "current page gigs."

If you are trying to show “similar gigs” when looking at a user - can you describe what similarities you would want to associate between a gig and a user? Or more narrowly- what gig would the list be similar to?


Title (text)
Skills (skills)

Title (text)

Filter: skill 1, skill 2 (custom state of type list of skills)

Repeating group : search gigs :filtered “this gig contains list filter skills”

@PineappleJoe Thanks for replying. Yes, display all gigs related to the one in the page. For example the one posted is “looking for content manager” then all of the related gigs is displayed in the repeating group.

Hi @cmarchan thanks for the reply!! But i got lost in the filter: skill 1, skill 2. Can you explain further? Thank you

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