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Browser settings or cookies affecting CurrentUser data?

When I create a thing, I have one user whose CurrentUser value isn’t being recorded.

The user goes through a workflow where they create a new Block Thing.

Some of Block’s fields are:
User email
User nickname

In the workflow I set User email = Current User’s email and I set User nickname = Current User’s nickname.

However, for this one particular user, these values always come up blank in the Block thing. I tried pulling these through the User and Creator (which I didn’t realize I could do before), but it looks like the Creator on the Block Thing isn’t being set either.

So, my question is, are their browser settings, browser versions, security settings or cookie settings that could cause the Current User to not be set?

Hi Rob.
What do you mean by User and Creator?

Do you have a way of validating that you’re actually logged in with that user?

Every thing has a Creator which is an User object, so I could usually access any of the User fields by using the Creator. In this case, somehow those fields aren’t available, as if the Creator isn’t logged. There is an Thing ID in the Creator field, however.

Yes, the button that triggers the event to update the Block Thing doesn’t show for the not-logged-in user.

Do you have any privacy settings set that could be causing the issue?

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I agree with @potentialthings. It sounds like a privacy issue. You could write a conditional query based on creator, user, or states.

I haven’t set anything special privacy-wise for this user, and all the other users come through just fine. If there is a settings issue, it’s got to be on the user side.

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