Bubble Account App for iPhone

I am following a training course online and it had me select the native app option. At that point, Bubble automatically pops up with a helpful window and points me to download the Bubble Account app from the iOS app store so that I can test live on my phone. The app has only bad reviews, but I download it anyway. When opening the app, it just hangs at the splash screen like everyone has been saying. I did some searches in the forum and it looks like this has been a known issue for at least a year.

Is there a plan to fix this soon, or am I just out of luck?

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I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s a topic that’s been ignored for a while.

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That’s very disappointing from a company that promotes building APPS! smh

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Building apps is not Bubble’s forte (yet), I would recommend buying a wrapper and setting up your URL in there. Or if you are looking for a more permanent solution then I would look to DropSource to build out your Bubble app in native languages and interface with Bubble through APIs.

We have something for bubble coming out very soon that enables you to do this. For beta testers please drop me a private message.