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Bubble Account iOS App: iPhone 5S bug reported

Just letting users know I have reported the following bug on the Bug Report Form in case you are experiencing the same issue:

Cannot login to the Bubble Account iOS App using iPhone 5S OS 10.3.1.
Update: Affects any iOS device using 10.3 if you are using login components in your app.


I am not sure, but does this also affect devices older than 5S. I heard that Apple are forcing 64bit architecture, and are no longer support updates to 32bit devices.

See link:

This is unfortunately a generic issue with iOS 10.3. See

We’re trying to see if we can find a fix, but hopefully Apple will fix it as well.

EDIT: On a second note I see it`s just not returning the cookie at all. Are we able to get the cookie through any other type of request?

There were a similar issue with WKwebview last year. Maybe we can run some native code or make a cordova plugin to intercept?
Check out:
You can run native code in cordova using Microsoft ACE:

@emmanuel here is a suggestion for fixing this issue (It`s a major issue due to the widespread of iOS 10.3.

The trick would be to use the following plugin to set the cookievalue and fetch/use it for all subsequent calls. Possible one might need to intercept ajax calls using a replacement function for the original ajax calls the inserts the value on each new request.

How will this 64 force affect Bubble apps on the app store?

It should not in my opinion :slight_smile:

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