Bubble ad on instagram

My sister spotted an ad for Bubble on Instagram, thought I’d share with the community. Its great to see Bubble more active in its marketing approach and getting the message out there, to on-board more users and raise awareness about this super nocode software. But on the other hand personally I don’t like the design of this ad, nothing against who ever created the ad, but it doesn’t feel punchy enough, quite amatuer in delivery.

Knowing the full potential of what Bubble offers I’m not sure this gives the right message. If I wasn’t aware of Bubble I’d just think its another basic site builders that has a few drag and drop elements, but as we know, its far more powerful than that!

I know running ads like these are quite limiting in what can be showcased and covered in a single advertisement, its a good starting block but I believe the quality can improve, just my opinion here. Look forward to seeing more ads :sweat_smile:


I’ve never seen this ad. According to the image you shared, I can only say “this looks very bad”.


Yikes. It almost looks like the formatting got borked. But then there’s definitely four different typefaces—that’s not a formatting error.

I want more people on bubble, too, but I agree that this could be better!