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Bubble + Airtable, address field type

Hello there,

I am using Airtable as external database. The plugin to connect works great. However, when I initialize a base I cannot specify a specific column is an address and Airtable does not have a address/location field type.

This is a problem, because, when I specify airtable as source for the list of location to show in a Map element, there is no field that is considered an available option for the address field.

Anyone had the same problem? Which workaround do you sugget me to implement?

Thanks a lot!


hey @ric2 , were you able to sort this out? having the same problem
I managed to get the ‘location’ field from my Airtable data, which are coordinates, however the map is not reading it.
The same coordinates (text) coming from Bubble DB work fine on the map

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No, O didn’t figure it out yet. It’s very annoying

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So after browsing for a bit through the forums, seems like multiple people are having the same problem yet no one from Bubble has offered a solution or guide so it seems like no one can use the Google Maps APIs on their applications. :neutral_face: