Bubble + Airtable + google drive?

We’re trying to build a first version of our web app to validate an idea.
Here’s the requirements.

  • User can signup/signin (ok with bubble)
  • User have access to a dashboard. In this dashboard he’ll be able to: add new clients (infos) AND upload one or multiple files (it will be Word documents).
  • User will be able to choose one or more clients he added, chose a file (a Word he uploaded) and it will automatically populate the word file with the informations of his clients. (We do it thanks to Airtable => zappier => Word at this moment. The best workflow will be to add our “zap” into bubble, because the “fill” thing is hard to do from scratch) => so here the question is: is it possible to grab the “client” information into zappier?
  • As soon as user did the step below, a new document is generated into our dropbox or google drive => we want to show this new document in the client dashboard. Is it possible too? (with a google drive integration it will be easy I guess)

Thanks a lot for you help.

No one can help me?

I think that you didn’t get response because the setting seem to not be optimal.
What are you using to fill the word doc?
Why keeping Airtable?
Also, if each client add their own word and document is different from one to another client, it may be hard to achieve (but if the info is always the same and tag are the same too, it should be possible)
Maybe you can send more information on how you merge data actually with Airtable?

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We tag each word document manually and setup a specific Airtable setting for each word doc. That’s why we keep Airtable and zappier.