Bubble and 8thWall?

Hi! I’m a total noob, so bear with me. I’m still learning all the ins and outs of Bubble, after a background in Wordpress.

I’d love to be able to build something in Bubble that includes the AR power of 8thWall. is there a way to connect the two?
I know SwiftXR has a Bubble plugin, but 8thWall has a Sky Effects thing that I don’t see on SwiftXR and would really love to be able to use.


Yep looks like it - XR8.AFrame | 8th Wall


Thank you!
So, like I said, bear with me, I’m a noob - how are AFrame and Bubble connected?

So AFrame have some documentation in that link around integration.

Its not straightforward, as in, there’s no plugin etc to make it easy, you would have to integrate the elements within your bubble app.

I would suggest read through their docco and try testing out some of the integration options to get started. Thats if you’re keen to learn how to do this stuff, if you just need it for a project and have budget then you could hire a developer from this forum to set it up for you etc.