Bubble and full-stack web developer Looking for a job/project

A software engineer who is a versatile, reliable, and quick learner, familiar with the Agile environment, focusing on having a solid experience with web development especially in the back-end side using Node.JS and has the passion to learn and explore new technologies.

Programming Languages: Javascript and typescript.
Technologies: * Node.JS * Express.JS * MongoDB * MySQL * Linux

  • Git * Wordpress * Opencart * NestJS * Bubble.io
    Front end: * HTML * CSS * Bootstrap * React

Work Experience : 1- Building online shopping web and tracking shipping, design and implement Rest API’s and services for the apps using (Node.js, NestJS, MySQL, ReactJS, godaddy,bitbucket) as a Freelancer for a year (2021-2022)
2- Building a Real estate investment web by using (bubble.io) as a Freelancer for a year (2022-2023)

for contact email: ezzeldeen909@gmail.com

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