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Bubble and Online Games

Hey guys, and gals.

I have had this thought in my mind over and over for the past month… Do you know of any games that are ran off bubble? Or would anyone know if it would be a ‘good’ idea? My biggest fear would be some kind of savy person being able to hack themselves $9999999 in the game or something like that. Would that be possible to do on a bubble designed game?

I would be something ‘simple’. No real money tied to it. I have been itching to recreate this old web browser game I used to play years ago. Was a sort of website RPG game.

Interested in thoughts/concerns. Thanks!

If you had your workflows and privacy rules set up right they wouldn’t be able to cheat. The limiting factor would be showing the graphics. Bubble has basically zero support for moving elements, so beware. A gui-based game would be totally doable.

Hey @joseph.farinhas :wave:

Anything is hackable I’m sure. I used to hack SimCity. Even big name games get hacked. It’s alright. Not a big deal.

I was able to create a classic multiplayer Zelda game in Bubble. Check it out: Legend of Zeldinia Update 1 - Day 3 of Contest

I also created a fun scavenger hunt game in Bubble too.

So, it’s possible? Yes. Is it easy? No.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Very impressive J805. The game im thinking of doing does not involve moving characters or anything like that. Much simpler. But thank you for the inspiration :+1:

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Looking forward to seeing what you will create! :blush:

If you want to do simple static game using numbers, Bubble easily do it. Sounds like you want to do a incremental game, like my Pizza Mania (Game) (Template), or adventure style like “choose your path”.

Hey there yea i saw your pizza game and submitted two bugs I found while playing it :+1: My game will be a browser based PVE & PVP MMORPG. Kill NPC’s, get loot to build your character stronger and fight other players. All while also building your ‘town’ for increased stats. I got the basics already working so time to fine tune it and the best part… Design :expressionless:

same, im trying to make one rn
idk but once the minimum viable product is done anyone feel free to be a white hat hacker lol