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Bubble API connector plugin - sub app keys

Am I able to use different sub app API keys to the main app?
Lets say, for example I want to connect a clients API but each client has a different service account.

Hey @klobassimon

Thanks for the post and great question! Plugin keys are app specific and wouldn’t be overwritten by the parent app. Here’s more information on Sub Apps from our manual → Sub Apps - Bubble Docs

Feel free to reach out to us directly if this kicks up any additional questions: [email protected]

Hi @AndrewV

I have just pushed an update to my SUB APPs and it has automatically overwritten the API keys in the sub apps API CONNECTOR keys. It has carried through the master keys from the main app.

Please help as our sub apps need client specific keys…


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Hmm @AndrewV @klobassimon - that is the opposite as to what the documentation says should happen?

Certain settings on an app will not transfer from the main app to a sub app upon a push.

If your API keys are in the main header of the main API they won’t be overwritten.

To use client IDs you use the header for each API passing API keys in.

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@jstn.king @lindsay_knowcode Thanks for the replies.

The API is using O-Auth 2 User-Agent flow

Both the App ID and App Secret are being pushed through to the sub app and are overwriting the respective sub app values.

Additionally the Login dialog redirect and Access token endpoint URLs are being overwritten

Hi @AndrewV
Would be great to get a swift answer on this as it is impacting production apps.
We have had to manually adjust all the API keys but when we do our next release they will all revert back again which is not ideal.

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Hey @klobassimon

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble with this. This definitely seems contrary to our documentation. Could you please submit a bug report so the team could take a closer look at what’s going on?

@AndrewV Feedback from support is that this is not a bug, but expected functionality. This is not ideal and contrary to the documentation. Will this be similar for all plugins when pushing to subapps?

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Thanks for the reply @klobassimon! And, sorry for the surprise on this!

For clarity and a single source of truth, it’s best to communicate about this through the conversation/ticket it sounds like you have going with our bug investigation team. They’ll be the best source for specifically what they’re seeing in the underlying logic this runs on. From there, if there’s a mismatch in our logic and documentation, next steps are typically to update one to match the other, but engineering will typically have the say in what changes can / should be made in this way.

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