Bubble API connector - Processing HTTP Error / Status Codes

Bump Bump- +100 on api status codes. Hard to believe this is missing.

+1 for this, 404 not found is not an error, it’s an information :grinning:

Totally agree that this a huge problem.

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+1 to get access to this awesome information

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I will add my upvote to this. Having some kind of access to API errors would be amazing. We do a lot of work with the Shopify API, and every time it hits an error workflows just stop. It’s very frustrating having to go comb through the logs to find where the error occurred, and for what reason. It’s a very serious problem.

+1. Sendgrid API has a strange return mix of response codes

+1 for api connector status codes

+1!! It’s a pain to handle API errors actually.

++1. Please add this to the API plugin or the workflow.

+1, this key to validate user access

Hi @emmanuel ,

Any update on if/when the API connector can use the returned status codes?

Without the workflows knowing if the API calls worked or not, it’s not exactly usable.



Would really love an update on this. We sort of need this

+1 I need this too.

+1 more - I can’t validate a valuable integration without response code handling. Please update the timeline for this critical feature.

+1 For this too, and any real error handling for that matter

Another +1 for this.
Seems ludicrous to not have even this much control over the primary mechanism for using APIs!

YES!!! @Jici @reger-alexander @lucas.ar @AliFarahat @luke2 @shrey @paul14 @sebastian @madras

Happy Friday all! A quick summary of what we’ve been up to this week:
• Released an exciting update to the API Connector to allow users to handle api call errors in workflows or actions, as well as add more flexibility for api call body formats.


Can you give an example of how to use it ?

I’ve read the documentation but I don’t know how I can use this is my backend workflow.

There are 4 parameters that are available as a part of the error object: error’s status code (number), error’s status message (text), error’s body (text), and error’s has returned error (yes/no).

any news on the status code? I’m using an external api that dont provide anything in the body. I dont know if the api call was successful or not…

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Hi. I am also coming up against this issue. We have a lot of API calls that run daily to customer Microsoft tenants and are noticing errors in some of the calls but only by tracking the logs manually. We ideally need a way to capture the error and where possibly retry the call i.e. service bus queue type scenario.

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