Bubble API connector - Processing HTTP Error / Status Codes

+1 here too.

Can’t handle 403 when validating a token from my service.

The fact is not to stop the workflow process when finding such status (this is not even an error).

Let’s say HTTP500 that would make it to stop, but 4XX is still informative and lots of services outputs it as a non-error.

+1, would love this feature implemented too

+1 here! Very huge limitation!!

It makes de user experience very bad!

This is already a feature in Bubble (dont know since when)
You just have to tick the following option, in the API Call you want to get the status code (in Bubble’s API Connector Plugin)

And then, your API response will have a filed called “error status code

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@joao.m.fonseca - are the error code values in your app surfaced to the bubble front end for use in conditional statements?

In my app all of the error related key: values are all empty although the other fields in the JSON body are displaying/pulling through just fine…

tysm for pointing this out!! finally!!!

i have this problem too. while initializing the call, the status code is 200. But when the workflow triggers, the result returns an empty status code. Has anyone figured this out?