Bubble API Connector strange behavior

  • I’m using Twitter API to get information about Tweets and Users
  • Largely it works fine
  • I have tested everything in Postman and it works great
  • There are some occasions where Bubble’s API Connector behaves in unexpected and inexplicable ways (at least for me)
  • It appears to me, that what Bubble’s API Connector is sending to the API is not what is defined in the parameters (Would be great if one could see what is actually sent)
  • Below the strange behavior: Loading 100 Tweets works perfectly fine. Anything below 100 or above leads to “Unauthorized” :flushed:
  • The fact that a value above 100 also leads to “Unauthorized” shows, that indeed what is sent to the API is not what is defined. Above 100 should result in an “Invalid Request” response.