Bubble API Data Submission Delay

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a 5 second GPS feed loading into bubble; i’ve set it up so that the feed only updates units if they’re moving.

I’m finding that there’s a “delay” in bubble where it’s slow to process the changes to the object but yet my cpu is 10%? I can’t seem to think of any reason why i would be seeing a delay for 5 or so objects being updated every 5 seconds?

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Maybe it will give the Bump needed to get some more eyes on it and possible explanation of the delay.


Still having the same issue lol.
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How long is the delay?

It builds, can get up to over 20 minutes.

I’m doing about 200 api pushes a minute of 2 text fields.

20% capacity and the application logs show no performance bottleneck

I check the bubble api rate limiting at it’s 1000 events a minute.

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