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Bubble API / plugin developer in

Hi guys my name is Limo. I am a senior bubble developer. I work for some very big company and will want to find one of the best bubble API / plugin developer. It’s full time job and we need someone who can integrate all sorts of things.

Our company is currently operating and stores too much data in a month (least 10million ) database. We need you to be able to also integrate to external databases and some basic communication APIs. It’s a very interesting app.

So please be extremely good with bubble and API integration. We will provide you all APIs You need at your request.

Message me at

[email protected]


Hey Limo :wave:

Wonder if you’ve given Xano a chance? It would absolutely handle that workload for you! I’m an official Xano partner and can offer you a discount as well as help with initial setup and development.

Sign up here and check it out!

Alternatively if you already have a backend to tie into, let’s chat about that as well!

Hi Limo,

I’ve sent you a PM with more details. I can connect any type of APIs you need and not only this :slight_smile:


Hi @raykiplimo ,

Good day! I hope you’re doing well.

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