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Bubble App Connector - Cannot add API Call

Does the bubble app connector work with custom domains? It works when I enter bubble’s assigned domains as the “App domain” but not when I try to use use a custom domain.

The “Add an API Call” button cannot be selected when I enter a custom domain.

What Bubble pricing plan are you on? You might not have the ability to setup a custom domain if you’re on the free plan.

I’m actually on the paid personal plan. I’m able to set up a custom domain, but I can’t use this domain with the Bubble App Connector. The app connector works with bubble’s domains though.

Hmm, that sounds like a simple fix - I’m guessing the Bubble team would have to change the endpoint to your custom domain address. It might be worth submitting a bug request to them if it only works when you turn off the custom domain feature.

Have you tried setting up an API endpoint via API Workflows tab and going that route?

I’ll try that thanks!