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Bubble App Connector, how to relate a record to the connected app?

Hi everyone,

I have a primary app called for example purposes, and it has a data type called “Companies.” Companies is exposed in the API settings. I then have a secondary app called which has the Bubble App Connector plugin installed, and works fine, I’m able to retrieve and view records from the app1 Companies data type.

What I’m trying to do though is have a User under app2 be related to companies, so I can do things like only show them data from companies they belong to. Under the Users data type in app2, I created a new field, and selected “app1 Companies” which worked fine. However, when I edit that User in the Bubble editor, I can’t click in or edit or do anything on the “app1 Company” field there.

My goal is ultimately to be able to be in app1, view a list of Contacts under a Company, click a button on the Contact, and have app2 create a new user using the details from the selected Contact, while relating that user to the company from app1. Just wondering how best to go about doing this.


Hi ! Same issue for me. I have not found any tutorial yet on the best practice of of sharing data beween 2 connected apps.

I’m coming up against this issue. Has this been solved? Please let us know, either way.
Thank you.