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Bubble App Connector - The email is already in use


I’m using Bubble App Connector to use the User’s Login from our main app to login to secundary apps. Example: User in App A ( email: [email protected]) logins in App B, the App B will redirect to the App A page and once you logged in there, it will login in App B. If there is no user with the email from App A, bubble will create in DB a user based on App A login (email and pw). If the user exists bubble just log’s in the user using the App A login.

Here is the topic that explained that:

The problem: If the user is already registered in the App B, created directly in App B instead of using the process above (bubble app connector), it will say “the email is already registered” when i try to login from App A. Even with the same email of the login (App A and App B) the user cant LogIn.

Question: I was wondering if there is any solution to tell to bubble that from now on, that user
log’s in from App A instead of App B. I’m aware of the update credentials wf but i coundn´t find a way because i cant get a “result of step 1 email’s” on the workflow "SignUp/Login with Bubble App - “MyApp”.

Thank you!