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Bubble App example

Can anyone send me a link to a fully bubble built mobile app?

Thank you

Literally just launched Summit. It’s a habit tracker on iOS currently at the minimal viable product stage.


@mattsmithhosting Thanks for sharing and it would be awesome if you could post about your experience creating it like design considerations for web vs native apps, setting up endpoints and notifications and the approval process. We get a lot of questions from users in countries where native apps are more common. No pressure though :slight_smile:



I noticed that you only have the iOS app is out but not the Android app. Do you have to create a separate page for it?
Also, did you have the webpage responsive to the mobile screen size or did you create a mobile page separate from the web version?

@neerja Very happy to help the Bubble community with my experience.

I built Summit with mobile in mind from the beginning. Although I use several different Pages in the Editor all the main elements for my app users are on a single page using groups to show / hide. This helps to give the user a more mobile experience and less loading.

I tried a couple of wrappers from CodeCanyon but found WebViewGold for iOS to be the best for my needs. The creator is very quick to reply to comments and I found following the documentation easy.

Push Notifications work perfectly with WebViewGold adding the OneSignal ID for each user to the end of the app’s URL allowing it to be easily saved to the user in Bubble. I used the API Connector to connect to the OneSignal API and send notifications.

From reading around about how the Apple approval process works with wrappers I was apprehensive about whether it would be approved. I followed the advice of making it look like a native app (animations, no web page like loading and push notifications). It was approved in less than 2 days. I’d still say, based on what I’ve read, it is a bit of gamble. However, the creator of WebViewGold offers money back if your app isn’t approved.

Happy to answer any other questions!


I started building Summit in Bubble with a mobile app in mind. I set the page width to Mobile in Bubble but NOT fixed width to allow to different mobile page sizes.

Because of how apprehensive I was about the Apple App Store approval process I submitted it over the weekend and waited to see what would happen. I only submitted the Android version yesterday, so I’m still waiting on that.

WebViewGold for Android works just as well as the iOS version.


@mattsmithhosting Congrats and well done, looks good & neat.
May I ask you, how long did it took you to build it?

by the way why don’t you launch on product hunt, you will get some traffic from there.
Best of luck

Thanks! To be honest I’m looking for just a small number of users to iron out any over looked bugs before risking something like Product Hunt. I’m creating a page on Betalist at the moment for starters.

EDIT: I created a very rough app without paying much attention to design over about 2 weeks. Since then I decided to start from scratch and this version took me about another 2 weeks to test in Bubble and learn to use the mobile wrappers.

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Nice one, @mattsmithhosting, and what a great showcase (mobile) app for Bubble!

I like to do my health routine in the late afternoon, because I’m most productive in the morning, so morning is for working (and evening is family time). How do I do? :laughing:

Kidding, great work! :raised_hands:

Great point! Incidentally I found the best way to calculate the time for the scheduled event is +seconds from current time/date set to midday for that user.

Because of the magic of Bubble I’ve easily been able to extend the slider to 6pm. Now ranging from 4am to 6pm without submitting an app change to Apple! Changing the slider will cancel any preexisting scheduled workflows and create a new one for the next day with the new time.

Just hit the refresh banner when you open the app and change the time to a late afternoon one.

Bubble :heart_eyes:


Hi Bubblers

I have a question about WebViewGold or any other wrappers for mobile.

To my understanding, the wrapper is just a package that contains Bubble web app inside, right? So once the app is live in the app store, can I adjust here and there and deploy in Bubble anytime? And the end result in the mobile will be the latest?

Or I have to rebuild and resubmit to the store every time I make a change in Bubble.

PS. The minor change could be something like moving a button 1px to the right :sweat_smile:

You can build your app for free… now!

How many apps can we convert with webview gold?

A wrapper like WebViewGold, although it can include static HTML files, in the case of a Bubble app is just a stripped back browser. Just like in a regular browser your user will see the black bar at the top prompting them to press to fresh the page.

So it is in fact incredible easy to make changes to the app and publish them immediately without having to wait for the App Store approval process.

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Looking at the licensing it is one per license from CodeCanyon.