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Bubble App Log In Credentials

Dear Bubblers, trying to log into Bubble App on iPhone, I always use login via Google account to web platform. I checked my account but it doesn show my gmail account (yes I have many :slight_smile:). So which credentials I need to use to log into the phone app?

Best regards,

You need a password, so what you do is reset it on desktop and use this one (it wonโ€™t interfere with your Google way to login on laptop).

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Ok, thank you, Emmanuel, will do!

Dear Emmanuel, what I can see I can change email or password, when I try to change password I need to provide old one, but I do not have any, since I always logged via Google, so here it stops)

I said โ€œresetโ€

Sorry, Emmanuel, I cannot see reset as an option on my page, please screen attached.

You have to be logged out to reset it.

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