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Bubble App of the Day: Ataeum

We asked Ataeum founder and CEO, Rohit Patel, about building an app that connects entrepreneurs and allows them to run startups in an automated, low-cost way. The Ataeum team includes Juliane Stephan, Co-founder and Head of Operations, Olga Kanzheleva, Co-founder and Head of Product and Engineering, Michael P. Martin, Co-founder and General Counsel, and Lorenzo Suffritti, Co-founder and Software Engineer. They chose Bubble because the no-code platform offered all of the features to build a powerful web-app at a lower cost.

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I would love to know how Mr. Patel created those flip cards on his homepage. Was a plugin used?

for the flipping cards on the homepage, we decided to use an HTML element (using Bootstrap). The action of the Get started buttons on the cards, is triggered by calling a JS function set with the Toolbox plugin (Javascript to Bubble element).

Hope this is helpful.

Lorenzo Suffritti - Ataeum Co-founder and Software Engineer