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Bubble App of the Day: The Nice Place

It pays to be nice—literally. We asked The Nice Place founder Chris Whitehead about building a social platform where you can get paid to be helpful. Chris has used Bubble for over a year now. He chose Bubble because of the no-code platform's speed, which enabled him to build a prototype from the first day without having to code.

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Whew… a Q&A site (so, essentially, a forum) where users get paid if people upvote their posts or comments? I wish these folks the best of luck, but moderating that place is going to be a nightmare, nice users or not. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike, agreed that moderation is a challenge. Whilst we haven’t needed to moderate the platform yet, we do believe that it’s in the interest of our members for us not to have central control over what can and can’t be discussed on The Nice Place, so the plan is for members to vote on whether people have crossed the line or not. This is a bit of an overshare, but thought you might be interested. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, man… so many thoughts, so little time. :slight_smile:

I spend more time in this forum than should reasonably be allowed by law (it’s a sickness, really), and I would be happy to share some of the thoughts that led me to reply on this thread. If you’re up for a chat, feel free to hit me up directly, and we’ll set something up.



Will do! Thanks

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good one