Bubble appears to be down?

Same here. Users could not log in or sign up in the app, even though the landing page was displaying properly. Deploying again fixed the issue. Thanks for the tip, @mguerrasio :kissing_heart:

Bubble status pages still shows no issues?!!!

Yes very frustrating

I’m getting all sorts of issues, page not found, reusable element not found, page = null, content not loading…

Hi guys, having the same issue here… The thing is that I made some changes on the test version that are not finished I can’t deploy… any ideas?

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i think your have to wait it out, looks like things are slowly coming back in the Editor e.g. pages and homepage appears (other pages are still not found)

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Icons are not loading for me.

Does anyone also get this message…We’re sorry, the page you’re trying to load cannot be found?
Most of the buttons doesn’t work! When I click them, I get the above mentioned error.
How long wil it take this to be fixed???

Yes getting 404 pages on actual pages and non re-usable elements not working e.g.

Well this is interesting timing as I was having a chat about whether we should develop a new (larger) app on bubble or do it in a coding environment with control over the servers etc. Stability was they biggest question mark, think it’s unfortunately just been answered!

Yes its unfortunate. Still nothing logged on Bubble’s Status page.

Well that could be true - Unless you host on a dedicated server from Bubble.

C’mon @Bubble! Time for some communication on this!!!

It’s ok because

We’re looking into this


My current situation (in case it helps):

Live version seems to be working just fine (I have not gone to Live via the editor)

Test version is missing my main page in the editor but comes up as a null when when actually viewing.

Correction: live is fine on my desktop, but down on mobile… Strange.


Live page is down, live editor is down. When I go to deploy and version control it says I have not yet deployed… I don’t want to deploy the same version if this is going to cause an issue.

I can’t seem to find my reusable header element in the deployment version. Have things disappeared? I can’t add new users on the live version and can’t find the header on my dev version! Seems like data has been lost or something else scary

Yes, don’t deploy for now, we’re investigating.

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I won’t be able to deploy as well since I’m working on an update and am not finished with it yet to deploy. I hope this gets fixed without having to deploy anything. How frustrating. Is this also impacting privacy issues as well?

I hope you fix it !!! I made this app for my work and we use it all day. Now it’s been 4 ours without been able to use it and we are getting irritated by the fact that all our work it’s accumulating for later.
My boss is paying 16 euros per mand to run the app.

@emmanuel l Hmm, well I just deployed to live before I saw the other messages saying not to deploy. I’m back up now…hope I didn’t cause any further damage…