🛒. Bubble as a Shopping Cart and Checkout

I want to use bubble only for cart and checkout so I can put multiple add to cart buttons on another website and it will launch the bubble in an iframe modal.

There are so many ways of tracking the cart of the visitor, for example adding session id to the URL when the button is clicked and that finds the particular items and saves it to the database so as the user goes to different pages it can still retrieve their cart items by searching by session id.

But I have heard that could be insecure passing that as a URL. I want it to be secure and efficient.
Essentially it will work like an amazon or shopify button and be easily configured to add the sku + qty to the cart.

Does anyone have experience or ideas on the best way to achieve this?

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Hello @morgan ! Did you find any workaround to perform this?

Got interested for a similar project

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